Our new schedule under Covid-19: orders are due the Friday before the following Wednesday delivery in order to give time to go to multiple stores to secure ingredients. Only one person creates your meals and our delivery drives will wear gloves and also handle your bag and ring your doorbell with a disposable paper. All returned bags are disinfected and also sit untouched for at least 7 days.

In addition, I’ve temporarily removed the option to order items outside of the weekly specials. Procuring ingredients has proven more difficult and so I can plan way ahead when just offering weekly specials.

Remember when you used to go to Grandma’s for Sunday dinner? A homemade meal at a big table with family is a memory I cherish. It’s time to bring back homemade dinners! Let us provide your family with a home cooked meal.

Each Wednesday we post the following week’s specials on both our Facebook page and this website. All you need to do is order, specifying pick up or delivery, and you’ll have a break from making dinner the following week.

ALL ORDERS ARE NOW FREE DELIVERY on Wednesday between 2-5. Our delivery area: 19311, 19350, 19390, 19352, 19363, 19348, 19374, and now 19330.


Grandma will bring your dinner in a bright yellow tote bag and leave it on your front porch or your location of choosing. If it’s raining, your yellow bag will be inside a tied plastic bag for protection.We can also deliver to your place of work if it is in our delivery area
*If you have a used bag, please put that out so I can take it and replace.
*You do not have to leave a cooler outside however in the warmer months you may want to if you arrive home from work later then 5-5:30pm*
*Electronic payment is preferred:
Just enter the amount you owe at paypal.me/grandmasgoods
Venmo @theresa-zunino (picture of grandma on a scooter)
Zelle 610-329-2994
Customers can also leave cash or check in a previous delivery bag or taped to the door at the delivery location.




Upcoming Specials

Please note the date when these are available for delivery. You are encouraged to order in advance. Items will be delivered on the week noted.