Please remember orders are due by Sunday evening at 8pm!

Remember when you used to go to Grandma’s for Sunday dinner? A homemade meal at a big table with family is a memory I cherish. It’s time to bring back homemade dinners! Let us provide your family with a home cooked meal.

Each Wednesday we post the following week’s specials on both our Facebook page and this website. All you need to do is order, specifying pick up or delivery, and you’ll have a break from making dinner the following week. You are always welcome to order anything from the website any time as well. Be sure to look at ‘Dinner Is In the Freezer’ under Shop for Goods/Meals. Those are meals that come to you frozen so you can stash them for those busy nights.

Pick up is Wednesday and Thursdays anytime between 1-8.

Delivery is Wednesday afternoons to the following zip codes: 19311, 19350, 19390, 19352, 19363, 19348. We’ll leave your meal in a bright yellow bag on the front porch.

Upcoming Specials

Please note the date when these are available for delivery. You are encouraged to order in advance. Items will be delivered on the week noted.